Our promise is simple. No lengthy contracts, no hidden set-up fees, no hidden agenda. Just a simple, straight forward solution.

With all the noise in the media lately about remote working and many providers offering what appears to be a too good to be true product and service, it’s hard for customers to know where to start. Our promise is simple, no lengthy contracts, no hidden set-up fees, no hidden agenda. Just a simple straight forward solution.

No lengthy contracts

So you’ve finally made that decision and you’ve bought in to a new telecoms system and signed a deal for 24months. Happy? It’s a big investment isn’t it. One that you want to work and definitely not something you want to be re-evaluating in the next few months due to price hikes and bad customer service. Sound familiar? Well, Unite Telecoms believe in flexible solutions and payments for your system.

We’ve ripped up the rule book on lengthy contracts and kept it simple with 30 day rolling subscriptions – so you can now be as flexible as your business needs to be, without the costly contracts.

No hidden set-up fees

The price you see with us is the price you pay. We have no hidden set-up fees and absolutely no hidden agenda. Why would we? We believe that those who do business well are ones who are honest and transparent from the start.

We believe in you and your business and we want you to trust to give you the very best solution to see your business grow. And it definitely doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our communication with you

There is nothing worse than your phone constantly ringing with irrelevant sales calls that take you away from your business or the sound of your mobile phone beeping with hundreds of junk emails. We will keep you up to date with system or account news only when needed.

Fair, transparent, and consistent messaging.

If you have opted-in to our marketing emails, you will receive information and offers based on your preferences and we promise to unsubscribe you if you request it. We will only make changes to your account with your consent, so – you need not worry about any nasty surprises.

A personal touch

Our team are dedicated to keeping you connected to your business and customers. You will have a dedicated account manager to speak with who knows your needs; if for any reason they are not available, there will be another friendly team member to speak to without you having to re-tell your story each time.

A product that ticks all the boxes

Our VoIP plans are unrivalled in performance for the price and we do not price match, we believe that you get what you pay for. As a guide, our Entry plan starts from only £6.99 per user per month with inbound and outbound minutes, plus softphone and no set up costs – giving you the functions needed to keep your business connected on the move.  More sophisticated plans are available if required, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

  • VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol (available on a free-trial* and 30-day rolling subscription)
  • Fixed pricing (our prices will not change)
  • Transparent deals (we will find the right deal for you at the best price and time)

Our plans and pricing

Check out our VoIP plans and pricing with our VoIP plans starting from only £6.99 per user per month. We know right? No hidden set-up fees for connection or adding on the softphone app which seems to be standard practice amongst other businesses in the market. We even offer you unlimited inbound calls and 1000 outbound UK minutes. Now find us any other telecoms provider who does that!

We’ve specialise in business communications, from VoIP, business mobile and business energy to CCTV and pay terminals, we’ve got what you need to keep your business running.