Read about what’s new with CallSwitch V6

Callswitch V6 has arrived, also known as version 6, and we are super-excited to share this with you. CallSwitch V6 connects seamlessly to your CRM and provides everything you need to communicate, collaborate, and connect.

Keep reading for improvements, new features, and What’s New in Version 6

  • Full multi-media collaboration with your team
  • Instant message from your mobile device
  • Sync personal and professional contacts
  • New wake-up call function


In CallSwitch Meeting, users can video conference, share their screen, instant message, and send file links all at once.

Setting up a meeting is extremely easy. Meetings can be pre-planned, receive an e-mail notification as a reminder, or spontaneous. With the click of a button, a single or group chat can become a meeting.

Meetings can now be public, so no need to invite users, anyone can join. Simply drag and drop, add/remove participants as needed and even send invitations to non-CallSwitch users.

Instant Messaging Chat

Before, users could only join dynamic/existing conference calls and receive, and place calls on CallSwitch. Now the instant messaging feature is available on your mobile device. The data syncs between desktop and mobile applications so users will never miss a message.  

Users also have all the same chat functions from CallSwitch such as Group Chat, Name the Chat, Drag-and-Drop Contacts, Search in Message, and File Sharing.


This feature improves user contact management by allowing administrators to manage a centralized list of contacts. Central Phone Book enables you to instantly sync your professional and personal contact directories directly into your system. 

Central Phone Book is shared across all CallSwitch users and their supported endpoints without having to reset your phone to save the contact (which wasn’t ideal when you have a large list of contacts to input). This feature allows users to upload or download many contacts at once.

They can be extension-specific contacts for more customization or per tenant. The contacts are easily searchable, and – it works with major phone providers! 

Wake-up call

This feature was highly requested by our partners. In the Enhanced Services section, there are two options provided to set Wake-Up Calls:

  • Enhanced Services – Wake-Up Call – *411 
  • Enhanced Services – Operator Wake-Up Call – *412

The difference between the two options is *411 is a regular Wake-Up Call you create for yourself and *412, Operator Wake-Up Call, allows you to set it for someone else. In both cases, you go through an IVR and give the necessary information regarding the time when the wake-up call will be made. In the IVR, users can also edit, create new, list, or clear all as needed. 

When you receive a Wake-Up Call, a different IVR is triggered where you can decide to cancel or snooze the call, like you would an alarm.  

Now that you know what is new in Version 6, are you ready to update? Download CallSwitch V6.