Team collaboration within the telecoms industry

Team collaboration within the telecoms industry is vital for businesses across the globe who want to grow and thrive. Having a well-connected team ensures everyone has a shared goal and is heading in the same direction. Science backs this up, too. Research by Gallup found that profitability increases by 21% when employees are engaged with each other and happy at work.

There are countless benefits to making sure your employees are well connected and collaborating regularly. Aside from keeping staff engaged and motivated, team collaboration can:

Enhance productivity

Working in a team allows for discussions, idea sharing and better problem solving. Tackling a difficult project can seem daunting, and can lead to unfinished tasks and missed deadlines. Working in a team allows employees to share the load and find creative solutions.

Help retain employees

If staff are content at work, they’re more likely to stay with the company. Whether they’re serving customers in sunny Australia, or writing reports in the rainy UK, people who are happy in their working environment are more likely to stick around. Team collaboration allows employees to feel connected and supported. A lack of this can leave them feeling isolated and distanced.

Allow for shared knowledge

When people work together, they automatically share knowledge. Seeing things from another perspective, learning new ways of working and even developing new skills are three huge benefits of collaborative working. Aside from boosting skills, it’s a great way to save money on staff training!

Flexible and collaborative working in Australia

Flexible and collaborative working has gained popularity over the last few years. A 2017 study by Cisco into collaborative working in New Zealand and Australia showed that of 11.1 million workers, a huge 61% were working flexibly. Given that the world has since been plunged into a global pandemic, that number has almost certainly increased during 2020.

The Cisco study also reported that 96% of business leaders in NZ and Australia believed using collaborative tools in the workplace gave them a competitive edge. It’s true that the right technology can make team working easier, both in the workplace and remotely – so you need multi-functional, robust software in your arsenal.

VOiP for collaborative working

A good, solid VOiP package ticks all the boxes for remote working and team collaboration. At Unite, we’re particularly proud of our Callswitch Communicator App which offers:

  • Mobile pairing, to allow staff to sync mobiles with office lines, so they never miss a call.
  • Call queuing, to make sure customers who might be on hold stay on the line.
  • A handy auto attendant feature, which makes taking and directing calls a breeze.
  • Audio or video calls – depending on whether your customers and team members prefer face-to-face contact or not!
  • Free internal calls – so encourage employees to get chatting and collaborating!
  • Integrated conference calling, for multiple staff members and clients around the globe. Callswitch makes it incredibly easy for your team to collaborate, whether they’re in different buildings or socially distanced in the same office.