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This is great news that you are on board with us or thinking of joining us. Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email from our Provisioning team, confirming the next steps and your go-live date.

The transfer will take place on the go-live date from 00:01 to 23:59. You will be sent a confirmation email once your services have gone live.

We are so sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your service and we want to get this resolved as soon as we can. Please contact our support team on 0208 0661 980, option 2 or via email on support@unitetelecoms.co.uk. You can also reach us on the live chat via our website.

If you would like to be set up for this service please email hello@unitetelecoms.co.uk or call 0208 066 1980, option 4 to request access.

Online billing provides you with the ability to view and download previous bills and to view the current period’s usage.

You can also run a number of reports including call destination breakdown, service charge type & top dialled numbers. If you already have access you can log in to your account via our website in the top right hand corner called ‘online billing‘.

As with any communications system, call quality is wholly dependent on the underlying access available. By choosing our Ethernet or Broadband products to support your system you can be assured of great voice quality, underpinned by industry-leading SLAs.

We work very closely with O2, Vodafone and EE to ensure that we secure you the best preferential rates on the market.

5G is a high speed mobile data connection which allows you to access the internet on your handset. 3G made it possible to browse the internet on your mobile device; 4G came along and made it quicker. 5G is the high speed version of 4G which allows wider access at a faster speed.

PAC is short for Porting Authorisation Code. It starts with 3 numbers followed by 6 letters and is necessary to port your mobile phone number to your new mobile phone and/or contract. This code is a legal requirement and should be given immediately over the phone or sent within 2 hours by text.

CallSwitch is the brand name for our VoIP offering. Available on Windows desktop, Mac, iPhone and Andriod, this means you need never miss a call again. You can take complete control of your business and customer communications. Take a look at our competitive VoIP pricing and only pay for what you and your business need.

Yes, you can totally keep your current number. Contact your current supplier for your PAC code and we’ll do the rest for you. PAC is short for Porting Authorisation Code. It starts with 3 numbers followed by 6 letters and is necessary to port your mobile phone number to your new mobile phone and/or contract. This code is a legal requirement and should be given immediately over the phone or sent within 2 hours by text.

As your VoIP is in ‘the cloud’ there is no downtime.


Yes, you can accept VoIP calls on your phone via the CallSwitch communicator mobile application so even if you are out-and-about you can answer, divert, hold calls or send them to voicemail. You can even send from Voicemail to email, so – if you’re in that all-important meeting, you can still read your email transcript of the voicemail you received. Now that’s pretty smart!

Our 24-hour technical support team are on hand if you encounter any technical issues with no call out charges.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who can answer any queries you may have in regard to your account and a customer service contact to assist with any billing queries you may have.

Your calls will come through to your mobile app so even if your internet failed you’d still be able to keep your communications running. And that’s the beauty of VoIP. As your calls are in the cloud you need never miss a call ever again.

Yes, you can use VoIP across 3G/4G/5G; it’ll simply work faster depending on what you have.

VoIP gives you the flexibility to run your business communications wherever you are! The CallSwitch communicator ap for your mobile devices gives you full freedom when combined with the desktop ap. In addition your desktop ap integrates with your existing CRM for complete control of your communications.

Indeed it is! IOS & Andriod phones and tablets are compatible.

Yes, as your calls run over the internet you can run your CallSwitch software on your phone from anywhere in the world at no extra cost when connected to WiFi. Roaming charges may apply when using your network data. Please check with your network provider for more information.

Please call us

Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows the voice to be sent over the Internet. Using a broadband Internet connection and subscribing to a VoIP provider allows a person to make phone calls over the Internet.

First, voice is converted by a device from an analog signal to a digital signal. It is then sent over the Internet where it will be converted back to an analog signal for the remaining distance over a traditional circuit switch (PSTN).

You will need a broadband Internet connection such as DSL or Cable or others (T1, wireless, etc.). Generally, depending on variables such as the Codec in use, a connection should have at least 100kbps on both the upload and download.

There are several advantages to VoIP over a traditional phone service, such as, price, portability, and extra features. Many VoIP providers allow unlimited calls throughout the US and Canada at one low monthly fee. The taxation and regulation of VoIP is less than traditional phone service making the cost cheaper. A person can pick a number, rather than be locked into certain area codes and prefixes. With many providers, numerous features are offered as part of the basic monthly fee, such as call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, call forwarding on busy, etc.

Yes, you can work on the computer while on the VoIP phone. They should not conflict with each other.

There are several things you should consider, depending on if you are a small business or a residential user. Some of these would include integration of other services such as faxing, alarms, TIVO and credit card machines. You may also need to consider how much bandwidth you have available from your Internet provider if you are looking for multiple lines. Then you will also want to pick a provider that offers, not only the features that you may need, but especially excellent customer service and technical support. We have included quite a lot of information on our Planning page for your consideration.


A Hosted PBX or an Internet Business Phone System is a VoIP business phone system where the “PBX Hardware” resides at the provider. Usually rich in features, a hosted PBX can save significant upfront hardware charges because the PBX software/hardware sits remotely at the provider’s facility and connection is made through the Internet.

The advantages of a hosted PBX are the lower upfront costs, usually associated with less hardware costs. The usual hardware need would be IP phones which would connect to the Internet through a router. The provider maintains the software and servers and should provide technical support. By connecting to the “PBX server” through the Internet a user is dependant upon their connections stability, as well as the quality of that connection. As many Hosted PBX companies are smaller, relatively younger companies and the technology new, some issues can occur which can affect the stability of the service. In addition, the contract may have “back end” costs, such as cancellations fess which would increase the overall cost of the service.

In many cases regardless if you currently have an IP-PBX you can still use SIP Trunking to connect to an ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provider) as one trunk (one line) or more trunk lines, to save money on long-distance, International calls and/or heavy call volume by adding an ATA or gateway device that sits between the current phone system and the Internet and connects a SIP Trunk over your broadband Internet connection.


A softphone is the general term used to describe a VoIP phone connection where software that is installed, is used to create a phone connection on a computer. The PC acts as the phone with a virtual phone displayed on the screen. A head set is generally needed for good conversations, one with both a microphone and head speakers. Although softphones or a PC application phone are liked and used by many people, they have not as of yet taken off in the business environment, which still prefer more traditional phones.

Depending on variables such as the Codec in use, a connection should have at least 100kbps on both the upload and download. Compressed Codecs, such as G729 use approximately 38kbps per connection, but even in these cases a broadband connection is needed for useable service and sufficient bandwidth would need to be available for both the voice and other data applications on both the upload and download.

Absolutely! We want you to make sure you have the best solutioon for your business. Unlike other telecoms companies we do not tie you in to a contract and offer you two weeks for free. See our full pricing and plans.

Yes, the VoIP service can be integrated throughout the premise by connecting to the existing phone wiring, already in place. Care will need to be taken to completely disconnect the previous physical telecom’s connection to prevent voltage from being reintroduced from the original telecom.

A virtual number is a second or third phone number that will ring in on the actual primary number’s line. This can benefit callers, who by dialling a local number to them, connect with your primary number without having to incur long-distance charges.

No, all business calls will be directed to your mobile absolutely free

Not at all. The payment you see is the price you pay! If you customize your plan, you will be given the exact cost in advance

Yes! If you have become more business savvy and want to buy 5 or more phone numbers, please get in touch. We’ll work out the best deal possible for you, so you start impressing your customers from today.

Although it is hard to say goodbye you can absolutely keep your number when you change providers. This process is called phone number porting. Porting fees may apply.

Yes. We can direct your Hosted Landline Phone (VoIP) number to any UK number – be it mobile of landline. Once you tell us about the change, we will redirect it for free.

Absolutely, yes! Even if you do not have multiple offices you can get a local phone number in many regions as you’d like. We are planning to expand in North America so you can appear local for your customers in the US or Canada.

It costs your customers the same as calling any landline number. All you pay is £XX a month. No hidden fees or charges. Calls diverted to your mobile all free.

Ask us any question, we’re here to help

Porting your existing number

It quite simply means moving your telephone number from one provider to another provider. We can take care of all of your requirements here.

In most cases, your VoIP provider may have some experience with your current telecom service and may be able to tell you with a high probability if your number can be ported to their service. Rules have become more allowable for porting and will continue to become so as 2101 proceeds, but as rate centres and other information may be CLEC dependant, speak to your customer service rep at the porting in provider if there are any questions about your particular number. In some cases, features that may be included with your number may have consequences on its portability, specifically if they happen to be business a business number and for instance that number is part of a hunt sequence on a business account. Additionally, the FCC has imposed new rules on interconnected VoIP providers recently that impose stricter policies and mandate more rights to consumers to keep their telephone numbers.

The traditional process once formally started has taken typically two weeks and sometimes even longer in the past, but as new FCC rules have been enacted the times for ports have become significantly less (these rules are in effect now – 2010). Some ports can happen in just a few days and interconnected VoIP providers are under more scrutiny to follow FCC mandates, specifically for “Simple Ports”. Typically new FCC LNP rules have resulted in quicker ports and allowed more customer “ownership” of their numbers and required VoIP providers to follow stricter rules.

Broadband FAQ’s

Hey, you’ll feel the difference right away. You will love our affordable plan that comes with so much more, like free line installation and a free wireless router.

Contact us and contact your previous provider. Cancel your Internet subscription with them and avoid paying double. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

You can view the details here. But don’t sweat. We won’t surprise you with hidden fees or charges.