VOIP For Remote Working

Working from the garage or the kitchen table, we’ll have you connected

VOIP for remote working is becoming commonplace. Times are changing with how we work. With office spaces becoming more expensive and staff demanding more flexible working arrangements we are seeing not just the larger enterprises changing the way they work but also the deserving start-ups popping up in homes across the globe.

With our Communicator App, you can manage your business on the move by routing calls to the right place, first time, every time. You can do this yourself or make the most of our 24/7 support who can set this up for you. Call routing also allows you to send calls to any number on your phone system or even an external number, making it an efficient way to manage your business on the go.

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How VoIP works for the remote worker

Flexible working and happy staff

Whilst a fairly new concept, new employees often favour a flexible working approach from working mums to permanent staff. Flexible working can be a great asset to companies who wish to reduce office costs, attract new staff and keep existing employees happy. Having that mutual respect often means productivity also goes up.

Reduce business costs and increase productivity

With businesses now using video calls, business travel is clearly reduced and productivity is up. There is no time wasted switching between complicated apps, or waiting for co-workers to become available. Conversations are on topic and as efficient as possible. Employees can work flexibly through hot-desking, home working or on the move.

49.2% of adults* in employment are now working from home, as a result of the social distancing measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

*UK’s Office for National Statistics April 2020

Top 5 tips for remote working

Here at Unite Telecoms 50% of our staff now work from home remotely on a more permanent basis since the new Government guidelines have been put in place. Whilst the telecoms industry is classed as essential workers and we can work from the office should we choose, cloud technology has given us the chance to embrace change and be so flexible within our working day whilst maintaining productivity and efficiency within our staff.

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