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Meetings without the business costs

Say goodbye to painful video conferencing and say hello to Voecall Video and Meetings, with all the built in features to collaborate effectively either from the office or on the move.

You will boost productivity and save on unnecessary travel expenses with video conferences via Voecall Meetings and with all the built in extra features brought to the table with Voecall Communicator App your business and staff will be fully connected wherever you are.

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Voecall Meetings is compatible across handsets, desktop, tablets and smartphones…

So what is video conferencing

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a rise in remote work and paired with the advances of the Internet has enabled more companies to operate internationally and more seamlessly.

Despite the distance remote working brings with it, it’s still important to maintain close relationships in business. Whilst you may not be meeting face-to-face, technology breaks these barriers and enables business to continue as normal.

Unite Telecom’s cloud-based video conferencing solution Voecall Meetings, helps companies, whatever their size, meet these new environmental challenges.

Wherever team members are, they can touch base and work closely together and by using remote collaboration tools such as video conferencing this can be a real game-changer for businesses.

Advantages of video conferencing
Why choose Unite Telecoms?

Unite Telecoms offers businesses one of the best and seamless solutions on the market today. Voecal Meeting allows any user to set up meetings without the hassle of switching applications. With access to all of your contacts you can start collaborating with a single click.

Voecall meeting allows you to meet with multiple users simultaneously, while offering: Video Conferencing – in grid and speaker view, Audio Conferencing, Screen Sharing – specific application or whole screen sharing, Remote Control when screen sharing, and Group chat..

You can also schedule meetings in advance and even set up recurring meetings that suit your team’s needs

More personal, more productive and more efficient.

Key Video Conferencing Features

Communicator Meeting

Video Conferencing

Virtual conferences that fee like face-to-face meetings can be activated from your desktop, tablet or smartphone wherever you are.


No more akward moments when you get asked to share your screen and you spend the next 5 minutes trying to find out how to do it. Easily share documents, websites and other applications at the click of a button.

Meeting Chat

What a well thought out tool this is. Quietly share thoughts, chat and useful links with co-workers and your team from any device.

Voecall meeting Management

Meeting Management

Here you’ll find all the advanced features of a meeting management tool. including scheduling and managing one-off or recurring meetings.

Participant Management

All the advances features you would expect this type of meeting management tool, including a drag and drop facility for participants, as well as an invite tool for non-database contacts, inviting them in by phone number or email.

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