Team collaboration

Working better, stronger together

Team collaboration

Our versatile VoIP phone solution promotes collaboration by allowing your staff to communicate from wherever they are. They can stay in touch with clients even if they’re not at their desk for any reason. When the obstacles to collaborate our removed, creativity goes up.

Another huge advantage of a VoIP service is the way it integrates with other applications. Have you ever wished that all your different tools could talk to each other? A note you saved in your phone shows up on your computer and vice versa. Why shouldn’t phone calls behave the same way? With VoIP, they can.

How VoIP works for team collaboration

A VoIP phone service means conference calls for all

Do your workers struggle to hold meetings because it’s so hard to get everyone in the same room? Now they don’t have to be in the same office for meetings. You can arrange meetings and conferences for employees in multiple countries at the same time with a time that works for you.

Holding a virtual meeting requires just a video or audio conference call with VoIP. No need to buy extra hardware or software services from yet another vendor. Use your existing equipment to set up meetings, with or without video.

VoIP gives you more options than ever for your virtual meetings. Set them up in advance for training or learning purposes. Users can create virtual conference rooms on the fly where members can join and leave at their convenience. Some may choose to turn on video. Others may just listen while they’re coming to work on the train.

You can forget about travel expenses and disrupting work schedules just so a team can stay updated on a project. No more struggling to find place and time that suits everyone’s schedule. No more conflicts and delays while clients wait for status updates. Resolve issues quicker and find solutions faster.
Speed up processes and enable collaboration with VoIP conference calls. The possibilities really are endless.

A VoIP phone service allows unlimited communication

Our VoIP phone solution can banish your worries about call abroad being expensive. Calls between employees are often free. After all, these calls travel over your own networks most of the time. Encourage calls between team members, no matter where they are in the world. It’s all free!

What if you’re calling a client, partner or someone else in a foreign country? VoIP has it covered with low international call rates. Since VoIP technology uses existing data networks, long distance calls cost much less than before. Remember internal calls are free and external calls are inexpensive with VoIP.

  • Sales teams can automatically record calls when closing contracts with clients. You can enable or disable call recording for business calls through the dashboard.
  • Offer staff the ability to send and receive faxes from the comfort of their email inbox. With visual voicemail, the inbox becomes the hub of communication. Make sure no one misses an important call or message ever again!

Teams Integration

Voecall Teams promotes collaboration by allowing your staff to communicate from wherever they are. They can stay in touch with customers even if they are not at their desks. Creativity levels increase when we are able to work together.

Voecall is the perfect solution for bringing the calls from your Voecall system to Microsoft teams.

Voecall automatically syncs with your devices so you’ll be able to view and respond to emails, calls and messages, video conferences etc so wherever you are every call is captured – leaving your customers delighted.