Global Expansion

With offices in France, Australia and Spain we understand first hand the benefits of international VoIP services for long distance and international communications. As VoIP continues to grow in popularity, business without borders has become a real possibility for small and large companies alike.

  • Because VoIP service is not affected by distance, we do not charge additional fees for long distance communications. By reducing the cost of international networking, VoIP has paved the way for a new era of virtual global business.
  • International Breakout – this essentially means in certain countries we can give your business a local or national number for that particular country or province.
  • No matter what country your business operates from your staff will all be using a unified system so all internal calls are free.
  • You’ll have full visibility of all members of staff no matter what country they are operating in.

Our CallSwitch Communicator App Mobility can be installed and used world wide.