Our CallSwitch VoIP platform seamlessly integrates with a host of CRM solutions including:

Salesforce – Zendesk – ZOHO – Suite CRM – Pipedrive – vtiger and many more..

Seamless CRM Integration isn’t a ‘nice to have’ it is ‘business critical’. We make this painless using our CallSwitch phone solution. Let’s face it, the average work day for many is stacked full of managing client and customer interactions. Whether that’s call, emails or customer records, CallSwitch connects with your CRM system helping you improve accuracy and speed of working. It can even dynamically pull up customer records and information quickly when you need it the most.

  • VoIP services can also integrate with CRM/sales tools. Allow salespeople to call clients from within the CRM app. Once the call is complete, the timestamp and call duration is automatically added to the call log.
  • Analyse detailed reports at the end of the month to monitor and improve performance.