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Our exclusive free trial allows you to trial any package for free for up to 2 users, for 14 days. Now that’s worth a punt right?

  • No hidden costs
  • Unrestricted access to all of our cloud phone system features
  • The trial includes a FREE phone number
  • Unlimited inbound calls and up to 4,000 inc minutes
  • Improve team collaboration with video conferencing 

Connecting your business effortlessly with Voecall

Wherever you are, the office is. Voecall is our specialist VoIP software that saves you money. Once installed, it’ll allow you to make voice and video calls over the internet. It also comes with a host of great features, which will allow you to streamline your business services whatever your size and location.

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If you’re totally new to Hosted VoIP or need a little help with understanding the terminology, check out our FAQ’s below or use our live chat to ask any question to our friendly support team.

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What is VoIP anyway? How is it going to benefit me?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. VoIP allows multiple calls, including conference and group calls, which is an important advantage to many businesses. This makes it easier for employees, management, and teams to collaborate with each other and to communicate with customers.

Absolutely! We are more than happy to show you a demo of our VoIP phone system tailored to the needs and size of your business, or why not book your 14 day free trial? You can enjoy all the premium features including unlimited minutes and video conferencing all at your fingertips, quite literally!


Did you know that 64% of business customers would rather call a business landline number than a business mobile number? Why? As this gives a huge amount of brand credibility and respectability to you as a business. It is simple to set up and something we can take care of.

So you have a business mobile number, and you want to divert all of your calls to a new business landline number? Call forwarding is completely straight forward through our VoIP app. You’ll never miss a business lead again.


We would be delighted for you to try our VoIP solution for 14 days. You can make use of all of our premium features within the trial to see how more efficient your business can be and how much you can benefit from the app’s features. After the free trial your monthly subscription will automatically renew on a monthly paid for service. You can cancel at any time giving us notice in writing.

What makes Unite Telecoms so different?

We are NOT like any other telecoms company. We have no hidden fees and understand that no one wants to commit to lengthy contracts anymore. So why would we sell you any other than what you need?

  • Monthly subscription cancel any time
  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • Pick a number from our extensive list
  • Transfer your existing number
  • Easily forward calls to any destination
  • 24/7 support and service

Our VoIP features

  •  Softphone App
  •  Call Forwarding & Routes
  •  IVR Call Menus
  •  Time of Day Routing
  •  Voicemail & Mailboxes
  •  Call Statistics
  • Call Management
  •  Call Recordings
  •  VoIP Phone Integration
  •  Call Monitoring
  •  Easy CRM Integration
  •  Conference Calling

Compare our prices with other leading providers

Plan Names VoIP Inbound minutes Outbound UK Minutes Contract Length Set-up fees/ Hiddn costs
Unite Telecoms Entry plan £6.99 Unlimited 1000 30 day subscription Nothing, you’re good to go with us!
BT One Voice BT Cloud Phone Basic £13.00 0 500 24 months Connection charge
Ring Central Entry £12.99 0 100 30 day subscription Contact directly
XLN Cloud Voice PAYG £9.95 0 0 24 months Mobile app, international call and connection charge

Unite Telecoms

Plan Name: Entry plan

VoIP: £6.99

Inbound minutes: Unlimited

Outbound UK Minutes: 1000

Contract Length: 30 day subscription

Set-up fees: Nothing, you’re good to go with us!

BT One Voice

Plan Name: BT Cloud Phone Basic

VoIP: £13.00

Inbound minutes: 0

Outbound UK Minutes: 500

Contract Length: 24 months

Set-up fees: Connection charge

Ring Central

Plan Name: Entry

VoIP: £12.99

Inbound minutes: 0

Outbound UK Minutes: 100

Contract Length: 30 day subscription

Set-up fees: Contact directly


Plan Name: Cloud Voice PAYG

VoIP: £9.95

Inbound minutes: 0

Outbound UK Minutes: 0

Contract Length: 24 months

Set-up fees: Mobile app, international call and connection charge