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How does the Voecall VoIP platform work?

Are you thinking about embracing the convenience, flexibility and adaptability of hosted VoIP telephony with Unite Telecoms?

Our service is 100% hosted which means users simply need a VoIP telephone handset and an internet connection to get started and it is expandable as your business requirement changes.

Our Voecall platform allows users remote access to their office seamlessly integrated under a single unified telephone system so:

  • They may be sitting anywhere in the world and still stay connected with each other.
  • A VoIP phone service adapts to any location, device, or working conditions.

The Voecall Communicator app allows users to utilise your smartphone as an extension, including video calling, call recorder, detailed call history and call forwarding & waiting.

Voecall communicator

The Soft Client. What’s that?

soft client isn’t a furry customer. It is an application you can download to your mobile phone and desktop, that allows you to use it just like your office phone …

Our powerful desktop and mobile applications are specifically designed to take your customers’ business communications to a whole new level. Their main purpose is to enhance and simplify customers’ day-to-day communications experience.

As a leading VoIP solution provider Voecall balances simplicity with flexibility and highly advanced functionality designed to drive productivity and collaboration.

Tim Duncombe at Unite Telecoms

An extensive range of advanced call handling features…

” Voecall comes with an extensive range of advanced call handling and management features, all operated through an easy-to-use interface.

All the usual features are there, including call recording, extensions and conferencing, as well as front office applications like Auto Attendant and Receptionist. However we have now added more advanced functionality allowing your business to push the boundaries of your phone system, including: ‘Find me/follow me’, which rings multiple devices at once so you never miss a call, SMS and live chat!

You can make and receive both business and personal calls on the same device, with clear billing data”

Tim, CEO

Key features of Voecall. Our powerful VoIP solution…

Voecall communicator

Voecall Communicator for Desktop

The Voecall Communicator app is included for every user and is designed to be used in conjunction with the core services. It includes soft phone, instant messaging, presence and management of your customers’ existing accounts.

Voecall Communicator

Voecall Communicator for Mobile

The Voecall Mobile app has been specifically designed to enhance your customers’ day-to-day communications experience. It allows users to utilise their smartphones as an extension, including video calling, call recorder, detailed call history and call forwarding & waiting. It is available on all iOS and Android smart phone devices.

Gigaset Maxwell 10S Phone


Our voice solution can be used with a range of handsets from a choice of manufacturers, and is not tied to one type of manufacturer or hardware for an installation.

We currently can provide a wide range of Yealink or Cisco devices from basic to executive, wireless, desk based or wall mounted. If there is a specific phone or handset you have in mind, let us know and we can definitely discuss the compatibility.

See all our available handsets on our handset brochure.

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