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Contact centre

VoIP for Large Businesses

Unify your communications through team collaboration

VoIP is the future of telecommunications. Whether you are a call centre, a business with many different departments and teams or a company that does a high number of online meetings and webinars, hosted VoIP includes many amazing features as standard.

Our ‘Mix and Match’ pricing also mean that you can totally tailor your VoIP features by user’s needs so you don’t end up paying for features you won’t use.

VoIP is scalable

No business can afford to waste money and having VoIP means you can scale up when you need to choosing advanced features specific to your needs. Our ‘mix and match’ pricing gives you the flexibility to pick and chose the features that you require per user, so you are only paying for what you really need. With VoIP, employees are empowered to work from anywhere, so instead of renting more office space, and having to pay rent you can have them log in from any computer, or use any IP phone, and have them ‘telecommute’ using the same software that your call centres use, but they can work from home.

VoIP is a cheaper way to make

VoIP is best known for how cheap it is to make calls. VoIP is built upon the existing infrastructure of the internet, and because the voice data is cheaper to send over internet protocol compared to the circuit-switched PSTN internal calls are even free to make. Calls that connect to SIP addresses rather than phone numbers are cheaper still. Similarly, important business calls can be made from anywhere in the world.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is a way to combine discrete technologies and platforms like Skype, email, phone, and fax into one program. Click an email and call the person that sent it to you. Receive a phone call and have the callers detail link with your CRM. With VoIP you, and your employees, will have all the tools you need to get the most out of your busy working week whether you’re in a physical office or remote working.