Remote Working

Working from the garage to the kitchen table, we have it covered.

Times are changing with how we work. With office spaces becoming more expensive and staff demanding more flexible working arrangements we are seeing not just the larger enterprises changing the way they work but also the deserving start-ups popping up in homes across the globe.

With our Communicator App, you can manage your business on the move by routing calls to the right place, first time, every time. You can do this yourself or make the most of our 24/7 support who can set this up for you. Call routing also allows you to send calls to any number on your phone system or even an external number, making it an efficient way to manage your business on the go.

Lady working remotely from her living room

How VoIP works for the remote worker

Flexible working and happy staff

Whilst a fairly new concept, new employees often favour a flexible working approach from working mums to permanent staff. Flexible working can be a great asset to companies who wish to reduce office costs, attract new staff and keep existing employees happy. Having that mutual respect often means productivity also goes up.

Reduce business costs and increase productivity

With businesses now using video calls, business travel is clearly reduced and productivity is up. There is no time wasted switching between complicated apps, or waiting for co-workers to become available. Conversations are on topic and as efficient as possible. Employees can work flexibly through hot-desking, home working or on the move.

Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Working better, stronger together

Our versatile VoIP phone solution promotes collaboration by allowing your staff to communicate from wherever they are. They can stay in touch with clients even if they’re not at their desk for any reason. When the obstacles to collaborate our removed, creativity goes up.

Another huge advantage of a VoIP service is the way it integrates with other applications. Have you ever wished that all your different tools could talk to each other? A note you saved in your phone shows up on your computer and vice versa. Why shouldn’t phone calls behave the same way? With VoIP, they can.

How VoIP works for team collaboration

A VoIP phone service means conference calls for all

Do your workers struggle to hold meetings because it’s so hard to get everyone in the same room? Now they don’t have to be in the same office for meetings. You can arrange meetings and conferences for employees in multiple countries at the same time with a time that works for you.

Holding a virtual meeting requires just a video or audio conference call with VoIP. No need to buy extra hardware or software services from yet another vendor. Use your existing equipment to set up meetings, with or without video.

VoIP gives you more options than ever for your virtual meetings. Set them up in advance for training or learning purposes. Users can create virtual conference rooms on the fly where members can join and leave at their convenience. Some may choose to turn on video. Others may just listen while they’re coming to work on the train.

You can forget about travel expenses and disrupting work schedules just so a team can stay updated on a project. No more struggling to find place and time that suits everyone’s schedule. No more conflicts and delays while clients wait for status updates. Resolve issues quicker and find solutions faster.
Speed up processes and enable collaboration with VoIP conference calls. The possibilities really are endless.

A VoIP phone service allows unlimited communication

Our VoIP phone solution can banish your worries about call abroad being expensive. Calls between employees are often free. After all, these calls travel over your own networks most of the time. Encourage calls between team members, no matter where they are in the world. It’s all free!

What if you’re calling a client, partner or someone else in a foreign country? VoIP has it covered with low international call rates. Since VoIP technology uses existing data networks, long distance calls cost much less than before. Remember internal calls are free and external calls are inexpensive with VoIP.

  • Sales teams can automatically record calls when closing contracts with clients. You can enable or disable call recording for business calls through the dashboard.
  • Offer staff the ability to send and receive faxes from the comfort of their email inbox. With visual voicemail, the inbox becomes the hub of communication. Make sure no one misses an important call or message ever again!

Unified Communications

Connecting your business effortlessly

Unified communications is technological architecture that allows various communication tools to be integrated so that both businesses and individuals can manage all their communications in one place. Unified communications closes the gap and creates a seamless customer and staff experience – connecting VoIP with other communication technology.

Workers are often not convinced to one physical office, whether that’s sales staff, remote workers, or just out of the office staff when on lunch, in the car park or at client meetings. UC brings all the way we communicate together, Fax, voicemail, email, Chat / IC solutions and more. It also allows reception, call forwarding and what’s known as “single number reach”.

Video Conferencing

Meetings without the business costs

Say goodbye to painful video conferencing and say hello to Call Switch Communicator App, with all the built in features to collaborate effectively.

We’ve all got used to making those awkward video calls now and they’ve become part of our everyday home and office life. Interacting with your team, bringing communications and productivity together is essential for any business adapting how they work in today’s changing business environment.

start up business people group attending videoconference call with senior investitior at modern office

CRM Integration

Integrate seamlessly with a host of CRM platforms

Our CallSwitch VoIP platform seamlessly integrates with a host of CRM solutions including:

Salesforce – Zendesk – ZOHO – Suite CRM – Pipedrive – vtiger and many more..

Seamless CRM Integration isn’t a ‘nice to have’ it is ‘business critical’. We make this painless using our CallSwitch phone solution. Let’s face it, the average work day for many is stacked full of managing client and customer interactions. Whether that’s call, emails or customer records, CallSwitch connects with your CRM system helping you improve accuracy and speed of working. It can even dynamically pull up customer records and information quickly when you need it the most.

  • VoIP services can also integrate with CRM/sales tools. Allow salespeople to call clients from within the CRM app. Once the call is complete, the timestamp and call duration is automatically added to the call log.
  • Analyse detailed reports at the end of the month to monitor and improve performance.

Global Expansion

With offices in France, Australia and Spain we understand first hand the benefits of international VoIP services for long distance and international communications. As VoIP continues to grow in popularity, business without borders has become a real possibility for small and large companies alike.

  • Because VoIP service is not affected by distance, we do not charge additional fees for long distance communications. By reducing the cost of international networking, VoIP has paved the way for a new era of virtual global business.
  • International Breakout – this essentially means in certain countries we can give your business a local or national number for that particular country or province.
  • No matter what country your business operates from your staff will all be using a unified system so all internal calls are free.
  • You’ll have full visibility of all members of staff no matter what country they are operating in.

Our CallSwitch Communicator App Mobility can be installed and used world wide.

Customer Service and Contact Centres

Level up your customer service and sales agent productivity

Call centres require a call management system such as a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), which is a private telephone network used within a company or organisation.

VoIP can also be more efficient for the agents using computer-based systems as the computer telephony integration software can interact with both analog and VoIP telephony.

  • Inbound and outbound call statistics with alerts for KPI
  • Mobility – Can answer the phone no matter where you are.
  • IVR – Can direct customers to the correct person/department
  • Call Queuing
  • CRM Integration – Will integrate with most web based CRM’s
VOIP headset on desk with computer desktop at customer service and marketing support workplace. Office supplies of customer service. Communication support, call center and helpline concept.

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