Whether most of your customer interactions are online or face-to-face – ordering products or food, making reservations, contacting customer services – you still need a reliable, efficient phone system for customer contact.

Quick pick-up times, smooth transfers between departments, call queuing and call-back options all help keep your customers happy – and coming back to you.

Your customers’ expectations are high: your telecoms system is key to helping you meet – or exceed them!

Whatever your product or service, customer expectations have never been so high. We’ve all become used to instant gratification – getting what we want when we want it – with a simple click.  

We now have the same expectation when we want to speak to a human, either to order a product or service or to raise queries or complaints.

Here are a few things we can ALL relate to:

Calling a business to find the phone engaged for ages

Being cut off when being transferred between departments

Being held in long queues (even worse when you’re then cut off!)

Not being able to hear because of loud background noise or because the call is breaking up


Suddenly your customer’s simple booking or enquiry becomes a time-sucking nightmare, often followed by a scathing social media post or online review.   

There’s nothing more demoralising for your employees, than picking up a call from a customer who’s already frustrated and annoyed by their experience so far – before they’ve even said why they’re calling.


But it doesn’t have to be this way! Specialised telecoms systems = better customer service

Getting your telecommunications right means happy customers and happy call handlers that can focus on serving the customer, rather than defusing their phone-rage.

But that’s not all.

Our specialist retail telecoms systems mean:

Call recording for follow-ups or staff training

Easier communication internally between departments

Reduced call-waiting times

Seamless transfer of customers between departments/locations

Employees being able to take calls wherever they are/whatever they’re doing

Recorded messages for FAQs like opening times

Seeing when your busiest call times are so that you can allocate resources accordingly

Being able to promote offers or services to customers while they’re waiting

Integration of calls with your CRM or other systems

Crystal clear, reliable calls across your business

Getting your phone systems in order can cost less than you think – and save you money through increased productivity and efficiency.

We’ll work with you to create a bespoke solution that’s the best for your business and your customers.

Retail telecoms solutions from Unite Telecoms

We’re experts in retail telecoms solutions for all kinds of customer-facing businesses – large and small – including:

Shops (independent or large chains)




Visitor attractions