How can VoIP help you?

Seamless, secure communications – within your teams and with your customers – are a crucial component for professional services companies.

The right telecommunications system can revolutionise your business, increasing productivity, making collaboration easier and improving your clients’ customer experience.

Work smarter

With ‘WFH’ now firmly in everyone’s vocabulary, keeping your employees connected has become even more of a challenge. In the legal and property sectors, for example, there’s the added demand of staff working in multiple locations and on-the-move.

Our range of telecommunications systems can integrate your phone system, business mobiles and computer network, streamlining the way you work and collaborate including:

Integration of work mobiles

Smooth transfer of calls to other departments/offices

Access-from-anywhere office voicemail

Call recording for record-keeping/data recovery or staff training

Integration with CRM and other systems

Flexibility, reliability, and security for WFH


Unite telecoms helping you work from home

We understand that security and confidentiality are key concerns for your business, and we can ensure that your communications – internal and external – are secure.

Helping you deliver exceptional customer service for clients

You don’t need us to tell you, that you look after major events and projects in your clients’ lives and/or business. Whether you’re dealing with people’s accounting, legal affairs, finances, or property deals, you’re likely to be on your clients’ speed dial.

They don’t want to be left waiting, leaving multiple voicemails, or be cut off when trying to reach their contact at your company.

Exceptional service is what keeps your clients coming back and recommending you to others. You can be the best in your respective field and deliver excellent results but be let down by a poor telecommunications system and customer experience.  

Our specialist professional services telecoms systems mean:

Reduced call-waiting time  

Integration of client calls with your CRM or other systems 

Seeing your busiest call times so you can allocate resources accordingly

Recorded messages for FAQs like your business opening hours  

Seamless transfer of clients between departments/locations    

Crystal clear, reliable calls across your business   

Call-back options so clients aren’t kept waiting 

Ability to promote to customers while they’re waiting

Getting your phone systems in order can cost less than you think – and save you money through increased productivity and efficiency.


Professional services telecoms solutions from Unite Telecoms

We’re experts in telecoms solutions for all kinds of professional service businesses – large and small – including:

Solicitors | Accountants | Estate agents and property developers | Insurance brokers | Financial advisors | IT consultants | Architects | Actuaries | Engineers

We’ll work with you to create a bespoke solution that’s the best for your business and your customers.