There’s never been a more important time for small businesses to harness the power of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation and small businesses

Digital transformation for small businesses in 2020 is not only necessary to stay relevant, streamline operations and keep up with competitors, it’s also a key way to reach customers and boost business growth.

Digital advancements mean that people are now always on, and permanently connected via their smartphones, tablets and laptops. It’s clear that consumers have embraced the digital age, so It’s paramount that businesses should do the same – or risk losing out.

Research conducted by Visa has shown that while around 87% of people like to support small businesses, 52% would prefer to shop online – so it makes sense to utilise digital transformation.

Website usability

Additionally, 80% of people said they were more motivated to use a service or shop online with a particular business if the website was easy to use. It’s not just about the shopping experience either. A huge 63% of those surveyed said they’d prefer to be contacted by e-mail or social media, leaving telephone calls as a thing of the past. The research from Visa shows that one thing is clear – small business owners everywhere need to embrace digital transformation.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is, essentially, the process of using digital systems and tools to streamline operations and improve your business model. Adopting digital transformation has a number of benefits:

  • It allows small businesses to keep up with larger competitors
  • Using technology to automate lengthy basic tasks frees up staff to focus on more complex issues
  • Streamlining operations with multi-functional technology saves money
  • It allows businesses to offer a better level of customer service around the clock
  • It creates the opportunity for better data collection and customer insights

Easy ways to apply digital transformation

The thought of overhauling your operations and systems can be overwhelming – especially if you’re simply not technically minded. The key is to finding a tech-savvy company who can offer you a range of services to make things simple for you. Here at Unite Telecoms, we can help with everything from VoIP packages to broadband services and card payment terminals.

Overhaul your website and marketing

The research from Visa found that 52% of people check out the website of a business before they commit to purchasing. With statistics like that, can you really afford not to have the best possible online presence?

Your website should be easy to navigate, as a confusing or slow-loading page will make customers lose patience and interest. Make sure content is SEO optimised to boost your online presence, and set up social media channels to allow for round-the-clock customer enquiries.

Accept digital payments

Consumers like a smooth, simple transaction when shopping for goods or services. Choosing to accept digital payments, both via a website and in a bricks and mortar store, could turn browsers into buyers and boost sales.  It even has the power to boost productivity and reduce business expenditure.

A variety of payment options with no minimum purchase or surcharge is the key. Allow customers to pay via chip or contactless card or mobile phone in stores, or through Paypal online – and have a robust, but flexible returns policy.

Consider CRM software

CRM, or customer relationship management, software is designed to benefit both your business and the consumer. It collects all of your customer data into one easy to access location, records customer interactions, allows you to track leads and automate your marketing. Depending on the software you choose, you can even integrate your VOiP system to streamline your business further.

A positive customer experience not only boosts sales, but turns one-off consumers into loyal brand fans. Using CRM software will make it easier to finetune your customer service efforts, and offer benefits such as loyalty programs.