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Stronger together with Voecall

Our hosted telephony platform Voecall provides advanced call function capabilities while allowing businesses an affordable and configurable solution. Our platform allows users remote access to their office seamlessly integrated under a single unified telephone system.

Make calls from any device – it doesn’t have to be a traditional desk phone. Users can make audio or video calls from their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Neat isn’t it?

You may be sitting anywhere in the world and still stay connected with each other.

A VoIP phone service adapts to any location, device, or working conditions.

Key features of Voecall. Our powerful VoIP solution…

No more lengthy contracts…

So you’ve finally made that decision and you’ve bought in to a new telecoms system and signed a deal for 24months. Happy? It’s a big investment isn’t it. One that you want to work and definitely not something you want to be re-evaluating in the next few months due to price hikes and bad customer service. Sound familiar?

Well, Unite Telecoms believe in flexible solutions and payments for your system.

We’ve ripped up the rule book on lengthy contracts and kept it simple with 30 day rolling subscriptions – so you can now be as flexible as your business needs to be, without the costly contracts.

No hidden set-up fees. No hidden agenda.

The price you see with us is the price you pay. We have no hidden set-up fees and absolutely no hidden agenda. Why would we? We believe that those who do business well are ones who are honest and transparent from the start.

We believe in you and your business and we want you to trust to give you the very best solution to see your business grow. And it definitely doesn’t have to be complicated.


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from £6.99

for up to 50 users.

Are you a small business or start-up looking for a separate digital landline for your business?

  • Free trial for up to 2 users
  • Softphone Mobile App
  • Unlimited inbound minutes
  • 1000 outbound minutes
  • Virtual landline
  • No hidden set-up fees


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from £11.99

for up to 50 users.

Growing rapidly and taking on more staff? Collaborate with teams and customers for business on the move.

  • Free trial for up to 2 users
  • Entry plan features PLUS
  • 1000 outbound minutes
  • Call logs
  • Call Recording
  • Vmail to Email


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from £16.99

for up to 50 users.

Are you an established business looking to save money? We can offer scalable global solutions that are flexible in cost. 

  • Free trial for up to 2 users
  • Lite Plan features PLUS
  • Softphone Mobile and Desktop App
  • 4000 outbound minutes
  • Video Conferencing
  • Call Recording

Connecting your business effortlessly, with one simple VoIP solution.

Wherever you are, the office is. CallSwitch is our specialist VoIP software that saves you money. Once installed, it’ll allow you to make voice and video calls over the internet. It also comes with a host of great features, which will allow you to streamline your business services whatever your size and location.

Unite Telecoms can help your business, no matter your size

VoIP for Small Businesses

How VoIP can kick start your business

We understand that being tied into lengthy contracts is not appealing for small business owners especially with the changing environment in 2020.

United Telecoms can help kick start your business telecommunications with expert guidance and cost savings.

VoIP for Medium Businesses

Streamline your telecommunications

VoIP is scalable and flexible and adapts to your business as you grow from a micro SME to SME.

We understand all businesses need to be cautious of investment at this uncertain time so this is why we can offer you a free 14-day trial, and 30 day rolling contracts.

VoIP for Large Businesses

Unified communications

Whether you are a call centre, a business with many different departments and teams or a company that does a high number of online meetings and webinars, hosted VoIP includes many amazing features as standard.

We can also chat through customised solutions.

How Unite Telecoms works with your industry

Healthcare phone systems

old lady holding hands with a carer in a carehome
Key phone system features for healthcare will help keep your residents, staff and family members all connected.

Estate agent phone systems

estate agent handing over keys
With fierce competition and lockdown it’s important for estate agents to keep vendors and buyers, tenants and landlords connected.

Restaurant phone systems

man on deliveroo bike with takeaway
Survival of small businesses means getting smart with your phone systems and never missing a business call or order.

Our customers and partners

‘Together we are stronger’

Compare our pricing with other leading providers

Plan Names VoIP Inbound minutes Outbound UK Minutes Contract Length Set-up fees/ Hiddn costs
Unite Telecoms Entry plan £6.99 Unlimited 1000 30 day subscription Nothing, you’re good to go with us!
BT One Voice BT Cloud Phone Basic £13.00 0 500 24 months Connection charge
Ring Central Entry £12.99 0 100 30 day subscription Contact directly
XLN Cloud Voice PAYG £9.95 0 0 24 months Mobile app, international call and connection charge

Unite Telecoms

Plan Name: Entry plan

VoIP: £6.99

Inbound minutes: Unlimited

Outbound UK Minutes: 1000

Contract Length: 30 day subscription

Set-up fees: Nothing, you’re good to go with us!

BT One Voice

Plan Name: BT Cloud Phone Basic

VoIP: £13.00

Inbound minutes: 0

Outbound UK Minutes: 500

Contract Length: 24 months

Set-up fees: Connection charge

Ring Central

Plan Name: Entry

VoIP: £12.99

Inbound minutes: 0

Outbound UK Minutes: 100

Contract Length: 30 day subscription

Set-up fees: Contact directly


Plan Name: Cloud Voice PAYG

VoIP: £9.95

Inbound minutes: 0

Outbound UK Minutes: 0

Contract Length: 24 months

Set-up fees: Mobile app, international call and connection charge